Grand Run Morocco on Harley Davidson

You don’t need to look far and hard to land an exceptional Morocco Tour Event.

By securing a place in the annual Twintour Morocco event, you can easily glide through the planes of this beautiful country. Armed with a Harley Davidson at the ready, you’re the perfect candidate for a first- hand experience of Morocco.

Morocco is a country brimming with enviable beauty that still remains unmatched, eventoday. From its distinctive ornate architecture that boasts majestic archways and geometrical Arabian patterns, Morocco is nothing short of a marvel. It maintains the exotic Middle East and North African feel that may conjure up images of the Classic film, Casablanca.

It’s no wonder that Morocco remains as one of the top tourist destinations. There are a number of ways that one can experience the delicate beauty of Morocco. However, as numerous travel enthusiasts are quick to admit, road trips and Motorcycle tours are the best way to experience Morocco first hand.

Why Join The Motorcycle Tour Morocco Event?

As previously mentioned, there are a number of ways to tour the magical country of Morocco. However, joining the Twintour Morocco event will take you off the beaten- path to experience the majestic Atlas Mountains, breathtaking landscapes and exquisite architecture.

Of course, this type of traveling allows easy access and viewing of the stunning deserts. From viewing the Merzouga deserts and Sahara dunes to experiencing the culture of Imperial cities and Berber villages, there’s nothing you’ll miss out on.

The start- off point is at Tangier. The travellers are scheduled to travel through areas such as Chefchaouen, Merzouga, Marrakesh and Mohammedia, before concluding the journey at Tangier. Of course, the tour is scheduled to take place over the course of ten days, from 20 to 30 April 2021.

The tour maintains high standards of hospitability, as the travelers spend 10 nights at five star and & four star hotels. Other than the impeccable accommodation facilities, the tour will be accompanied by various music acts, as well as media coverage.

The use of Harley Davidson® Motorcycles ensures comfort and safety for the riders. Additionally, these types of motorcycles are built for long- distance travels. Hence, the bikers are not likely to experience any problems while on tour. The amount of pay is determined by the type of accommodation you choose. For those who wish to experience the Twintour Morocco event first hand, be sure to visit their website at:  For more information on bookings, fees and refunds please be sure to visit the website. You will be unable to book a spot after the 31st of December this year. So hurry up!

You won’t be disappointed. So let´s Join the big Ride with Twintour Morocco April 2021